Dimensional Lumber

Quinn’s stock a variety of sizes of boards and can get many more on an order to help you with your project, remodel, or new building project. We also have the availability of job site delivery as well.

Please call if you do not see what you need.

1x4x12, 1x6x12, 1x6x16, 1x8x12, 1x10x12, 1x12x12 (pine and pvc)

2x4x8,   2x4x10,  2x4x12, 2x4x14, 2x4x16, 2x4x92-5/8 (precut)

2x6x8, 2x6x12, 2x6x16

2x8x12, 2x8x16

2x10x12, 2x10x16

2x12x12, 2x12x16, 2x12x20

We also have a variety of lengths and widths of laminated boards (LDL’s)